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I'm interested in the "actual knowledge" you talk about. What does it regard? What ideas does it negate? That's one thing. Two, the girls you spoke to are NOT feminists; real feminism has no place or tolerance for any form of sexism, so don't associate immature behaviours and words with the actual movement. Listen to the wise mister up there. Three, I've learned that in some cases, the "golden middle" just doesn't work - and here's a good example. Knowing what feminism truly stands for, saying anti-feminism has any right to exist is...disturbing, at least. Anti-feminism will obviously NOT make the world a better place, not one bit - because basically, our present world is anti-feminist, and it's not a very pleasant place to live in. There's a reason feminism is omnipresent these days; people are tired of the bullshit world they live in and that's the way to fight it. I'm sorry, but saying there's a need for balance here is like saying nazis and Jewish people can co-exist in peace. People are being told feminism is crazy and ridiculous; we complain about media brainwashing us, yet we do nothing to reverse it...
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